dvm2-35As pet lovers, we have long realized the recognition of the human/animal bond is becoming more prevalent. We have all heard the saying, “Dogs have moved from the barn, to the yard, to the bed!” How many of us refer to ourselves as our pet’s “mommy or daddy?” We consider our pets to be members of our family and want the same quality medical care for them as other family members.

Veterinarians are providing more and better therapeutic options for the treatment of pets. As a result of improved available veterinary therapy, our pets are living longer and people are able to enjoy companionship of their pets for additional months and years. But unfortunately, the aging pets also represent additional challenges related to geriatric medicine. These problems and the available technologies to diagnose and treat them add to the expense of keeping pets happy and healthy in their later years especially.

But now, veterinarians and pet owners alike have a new problem. As our country’s economic woes continue, the ability of many pet owners to pay for the type of veterinary services they need and want is becoming increasingly difficult, especially when those are unexpected needs. The top veterinary practices have increased their knowledge and use of new technology in advancing pet health care exponentially over the last few years. Like everything else in our lives, the cost of pet care has gone up also. So, how can pet owners supplement the discretionary cash needed for routine pet care or the unexpected expenses that might result from accidents or illnesses? The answer may be medical insurance for pets!

Statistically, 1 out of every 2 pets will suffer a major illness or accident! Wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about financing one of these major incidents if it happened to your pet? Having financial protection for those major or minor illnesses and accidents would relieve a lot of anxiety, wouldn’t it? We have discovered a pet medical insurance company that we believe may be a great fit for our patients and clients. We have arranged to give our patients a FREE 30 day trial illness and accident policy. Contact us for details.

No financial information will be taken from you…you are NOT required to cancel the policy after 30 days. If you choose not to continue the policy, it simply goes away…no hassle.

This is a service given to you as a free trial. Nobody associated with Moyers Veterinary Hospital receives any financial compensation, whether policies are bought or not. This is purely information from us because we think it may be valuable for our clients. You decide if it is for you.